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Plastic Pallets & Steel Pallets
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Stomax Equipments are premium suppliers and manufacturers of Plastic Pallets & Steel Pallets. Our all pallet capability is cost effective and safe when shipping domestically as well as internationally. Pallets are a core component of packaging and shipping. They are available in Plastic & Steel, corrugated and plastic. Each has unique advantages, and using the right material for your specific application is critical. Our trained, experienced consultants analyze the requirements of the customer to provide them the product as per their specific requirements. Our engineers and consultants consider various factors when determining the right pallet for a customer. These include load conditions, support conditions, handling conditions, storage issues and more.

These pallets are manufactured by high quality uv stabilized virgin food grade polyethylene (lldpe) material. Steel reinforcement technology enhancing the static and dynamic load capacity of pallet.

Features :

* Life long- cost effective
* High load bearing capacity
* Zero maintenance
* Flat top & Corrugated Top, washable, clean & sanitary

Plastic Pallets Advantages.

. Clean and easy to handle   parts

. Protect your products and those who handle them

. Easy handling by forklift and pallet jacks

. Consistently dimensionally accurate

. Do not allow water absorption or the growth of bacteria

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