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Pull Push Storage Systems
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Stomax Equipments provide access to all shelves and also increase capacity by about 60%. Shelving units are mounted on mobile bases which run on tracks set into the floor, the shelving unit can be opened and closed when required, making it possible to make one aisle do the work of many. The systems fully utilizes the full height, width and depth allowing you to maximize storage in the space available. The closed aisles also brings security to the items stored and improves your working environment.

A type of mobile racking system, without any chain drive, gears etc; this system works on simple Push - Pull of the Racks.

Easy, Economical having no requirement of Electricity & Maintenance, Su-mech’s Push-Pull Racks are ideal for offices, banks, hospitals, insurance companies, educational institutes or any other organization having large volume of documents, files, drawings, books, card indices to be stored.

No need to waste time in searching your files, folders…with Su-mech’s Push-Pull Storage System you can store your files, documents etc in a neat & organized manner. Its totally enclosed, dust proof & can be provided with special colour scheme that suits your office interior.

Push Pull Storage Systems Application are being used in following area.

. Banks & Financial Institutions.

. Hospitals Records.

. Office Records & Files.

. Collage Library

. Engineering Industries.

. Software Industries.

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